Wed 1-9-13 More Parking Lot Woes!

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4 Dog Loop

More disappointment and frustration; more responsibilities are left undone… I pushed myself while still sick to spend a half day packing and then found myself wide awake at midnight.  Slept til 4:30am and loaded dogs onto the ferry, drove to work where I loaded the sled and drove 3 hours to Crystal Springs.  I pulled off the Interstate and the phone rang.  I answered it and it was Pam saying she had just gotten stuck in the parking lot and didn’t know if we could even make it to the trails.  I could NOT believe it… ANOTHER PARKING LOT SITUATION!  This time instead of being snowbound in the SnoPark Parking Lot, we couldn’t even get into this SnoPark Parking Lot! 

Cicely rearing to GO!

So, once again we were standing around talking about what other options we had for running dogs… Mikki came off the trail (describing it as great, which just made it that much more frustrating) and suggested other SnoParks, but if the biggest one around wasn’t being plowed, I doubted the others were either, so we decided to go run out of Camp K after learning that they had plowed the road/parking area there.  So we ran from the Retreat Center and immediately sunk in ~ a foot of “quick snow”… Sloppy, Wet, Slick, Sticky Snow.  I loaded the sled too heavy again, and it was so difficult for the dogs to move it, but they worked hard and I think enjoyed it (at least they were having more fun than if we stayed at home like we had the previous week when I was nursing my cold).  We made it 3.5 miles, averaging 4.2 MPH.  I was very proud of them and gave them all nice rub downs before heading out of Camp.  Got to Pam’s and made some phone calls (actually Pam called because I was wiped out and didn’t want to talk) to try and get some info on the road, parking lot and trail conditions up at Fish Lake, so my team could get some longer miles on without having to just run hills (which we’ve been doing a lot lately).  It appeared that the SnoParks are catering to the weekend crowds and not doing much during the week, which just multiplies my frustrations.  I’ve tried so hard to avoid the crowds and the people with one or two dogs that prove to be the biggest distraction for my team, not to mention loose dogs, but it doesn’t seem to be possible.  We decided the only thing we could do was wait for another report from Mikki the following morning after she goes back up to Crystal.  Pam wisely told me I should just rest, which I apparently needed (!), so I laid down on the sofa while she went to dinner and I crashed!  I woke up after 7pm and fed the dogs and myself dinner, and then got on Facebook and read what  Karen Weiss posted: “You are where God wants you to be at this very moment.  Every experience is part of His divine plan.”  Yes, I knew that… I believed that… but I really needed to be reminded of this truth!  (Thank You Karen!)  Oh the encouragement from realizing and remembering the Lord is Sovereign…even over the SnoPark Snow Plowers, the snow conditions, my health (I was far from feeling good), etc…. He certainly could have worked things differently today had He wanted us to run at Crystal, or Fish Lake (which was my original plan), BUT He had His Perfect reasons to leave me “locked out” from the nice trails at Crystal and allow us to run on the sloppy trails out of Camp K.  (Romans 8:28)  I don’t have a clue what they are right now, but that’s where the testing of faith comes in…


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