Sunday December 23- 32.4 Miles !

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Top of Lost Lake Road- 3766′


Sunday the 23rd we were going out on our own to do our own runs and I decided to start up Stampede Pass in the opposite direction (which was steeper), then if all looked good I’d head back up to Lost Lake and see if it was groomed, and then maybe do the Dog Trails again.  All was going Marvelously until we came upon that spot in the trail where they had jumped off the day before and they all were scenting in the air (except for my perfect boy, Lance, that is!) and totally not listening to me.  I dragged them back onto the trail and moved dogs around to try and find better leadership.  We Haw’d up  to Lost Lake where we talked to more snow machiners at the top to see if the pass was groomed.  They said there was an avalanche slide on the trail and it was NOT good.  I could see some machines had been up the trail alongside the lake so we ventured up that way.  We got up to the spot where we turned around two years ago and noticed there was a crude trail that went up higher, so we took it.  It was certainly not groomed, and part of it was pretty wild and wooly, but we went up and up and up some more, climbing to an altitude of 3769’ (the highest spot on Stampede Pass was 4300’), when it took a sharp hill down to deeper snow, so we stopped and turned around, heading back down.  Cicely was looking tired, so I tried to keep the team slower for her.  They all perked up when they got back onto the Lost Lake road, so we Gee’d back onto the Meadow Loop road.  I couldn’t believe after all that way they all looked eager to start climbing again!  We got so far that we took the Haw onto the road to Stampede Pass, until things started to fall apart a bit.  Cicely was definitely tired, and stopped running a couple times, so I decided to give her a try in the bag.  She settled right down, telling me just how tired she was, and we continued up the trail. 

Cicely decided she was fine to get out of the bag long about the time the team started their “hunting-capades”, so I put her back on the line and tried to bring some sense of work to the team.  I was very frustrated (and more than a bit dehydrated by this point), and decided it was best to turn around and head back.  Enough was enough.  We pulled into the parking lot after 7 hours on the trail with the GPS showing 32.4 miles at 6.1 MPH average!  WOW!  I still can’t believe it!  Don complimented my team with looking so good coming in, and even though I told him they didn’t look that good 2 miles earlier, he said he really thought my team could do this race.  I was SO ENCOURAGED!

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