Sunday, December 16th

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WOW… 11 days since my last post?  What on earth could I have been doing since then?  Where to start… 

The Calm Before The Storm!

I met up with Pam at Fish Lake on Sunday the 16th and got out on the trails for a 14.1 mile run, averaging 6.9 MPH.  Just beautiful conditions with fresh snow on the trees.  The conditions were perfect for launching from the truck… the best I’ve ever seen there without any ice to contend with.  It was getting dark and a bit chilly, and the trail to Trinity (which we were on) was getting a bit deep, so we turned around and headed back to the truck.  Got all packed up and headed to the Headwaters for a bite to eat.  Ran into Tom and Katy Porter and sat and chatted a while about the plans for grooming to Trinity on Tuesday, and we decided we’d get together at their place and check out their trails maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.  I sure was looking forward to getting in some longer runs to see what my team was capable of.  I hadn’t really been able to test their endurance since the 20 mile ATV run we did almost three weeks ago and I was getting nervous as the race date was fast approaching.  We knew they were calling for snow and sure enough, we got probably 4” while eating.  We drove directly to the Airstrip Sno Park, which was where they wanted all the people staying overnight to camp, which meant we would have to drive back and forth to Fish Lake to launch since there hadn’t been enough snow to run out of the Airstrip.  We pulled into the parking lot to find Larry waving his arms in the middle of a parking lot that hadn’t been plowed.  The sno-moers had left DEEP ruts throughout the lot, and Larry had his big trailer stuck as a result of having to slow down to avoid a woman with two off-leash poodles.  He helped get us positioned along the entrance road, up close to the trees, so we wouldn’t be in the way when they plowed and could get out easily… or so we thought!  I had all our dogs with me since Mike was visiting family for Christmas, so Kanoo and I snuggled up in the truck and crashed.  I set my alarm to get up in a couple hours to drop dogs because I was simply exhausted from the previous week, the travel that started around 4:30 a.m. and the run.  It was snowing to beat the band and I got soaked walking all the dogs.  I was concerned what I’d find the next morning if it continued to snow this hard….

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