Saturday December 22- Up, Up, Up !

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We decided we’d leave together (with Dave) on Saturday the 22nd and run up and over Stampede Pass, which would be around 16 miles.  It was just as beautiful as I remembered, and I was rocking out to my iPod which made it even more relaxing for me.  We were going up a particularly steep spot (with Margaret behind me) when “Rocks and Trees” came on and I had to sing out loud and laugh!  I love how energizing music is for me! 


 We got to the spot on the trail where the turn off is to the weather station, which I believed to be a mile or so down that way, so we Gee’d onto it and ran out of the fog and into the sunshine.  The sky was blue and it was gorgeous!  I was concerned about the heat for the dogs and hoped it wouldn’t get too warm for them.  I met a snow machiner and he stopped to tell me the trail up ahead had an avalanche slide over it, so we turned back towards the main trail.  By that time Margaret and Dave had run by the cut off without seeing that we had turned there, and never saw each other again that day on the trails.

My team and I were having so much FUN that we continued on to the Dog Trails, where we got bogged down in over 2’ of snow where the groomed trail stopped, so we turned around after another giant tangle and headed back, hooking in to the John Wayne trail and then dodging back into the trees to lead us back to the Stampede Pass road.  We turned back onto the John Wayne trail and was going to angle down to the cut through trail to the parking lot but a skier had fallen right at the entrance so we decided to go on by to the steeper hill, giving me some more practice with some more technical driving.  We got to that spot and saw the same Siberian that we had done a beautiful pass by earlier and decided to go on by yet again to the end of the road and turn right onto the snow machine trail leading back to the cut through trail.  I really didn’t want to stop, but my phone had died because I took so many photos on the trail so I couldn’t let the others know I was okay and was afraid they may be worried, so we head on back.  Sure enough, Dave and Pam had taken his snow machine out to look for me… bad Kim.  As much as I love running with friends, it does come with some limits and responsibilities that you don’t have when you’re out there alone.  I was so thankful that they cared enough to go hunt for me but felt so bad that I had worried them.  Dave got to check out “his trail” and his machine sank in a lake that had been partially covered with snow.  It took them a bit to dig it out, but they finally made it back.  I was so proud of my team, who ran 24.0 miles today!  We averaged 6.2 MPH, even with all those hills!  I was tired, but I was so happy!  I spent time with each dog massaging and inspecting and just hanging out with them at the truck.  This was what it was all about.  Pam went home that night but I stayed and camped in the truck again with Kanoo.  I was surprised that I was feeling so much more comfortable with the winter camping “thang”, especially in my Wiggys.  I had put Kanoo in the truck before turning in and when I opened the door she was MISSING…. How could that be?  She HAD to be in there, but I couldn’t see her!  How many places could she be hiding?  Suddenly the end of the Wiggys bag moved!  I could see she had jumped from her bed on the back seat up to the front seat and crawled inside the Wiggys!  Silly, silly Siberian!

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