Monday December 24

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My Favorite Spot !

Monday the 24th Pam, Margaret and I ran up and over Stampede Pass the “steep way” again, and were blessed with the most beautiful run I’ve ever had!  16 miles of Winter Wonderland! The weather and skies changed constantly from broken clouds at sunrise to fog on the trail to blue skies and puffy clouds to dark stormy skies and snow… and the trees were COVERED WITH SNOW AND FROST.  I am thankful not only for the vision to see it, but also for the photos the Lord enabled me to capture so I can look back on those memories for a long time to come.  16 miles seemed so easy…until we got to that same “smelly” area and 5 of my 6 dogs were suddenly transformed from Sled Dogs to Hunting Dogs.  I was livid.  I felt like the amazing run and progess we’d enjoyed was ruined or at least tainted, although I tried to not discount the wonderful parts of the team’s accomplishments for the majority of the run.  I was so upset with Galena that I demoted her to run behind Tozi in the “Minus Wheel” position.  Tana didn’t do much better, but I always expect more from Galena having seen her perform so beautifully so many times, so I left her up front and put Tkope up with her.  He seemed to be listening at least somewhat and looked happy to be up front.  He even seemed to do okay a couple times when told to Gee Over.  He’s got a ways to go, but I think if I can get him to go on by other teams (especially with head on passes) he may just have what it takes to help Galena lead.  Tana does look like she prefers running back in the team so she can party and dance when the mood strikes her!  She doesn’t take anything too seriously, and even wags her tail in the middle of me dragging the team back onto the trail after their mutinies!  I was tired, I was dehydrated (but the dogs weren’t for the first time maybe ever!) and I was DONE for the day.  I was so upset with Galena that I didn’t even want to massage her, but after a few minutes I couldn’t resist her cuteness and most was forgiven!  I love that little girl, even though she drives me bonkers! I packed up as hurriedly as I could to get back to Pam’s, and on the way had a strange vision change that looked like the world was melting and I couldn’t read the street signs.  It lasted about 5 minutes or so.  I believe it had to do with low blood pressure due to dehydration.  I have GOT to get on top of that for the sake of my health AND the safety and well-being of my team. 

Monday night I packed and prepared to leave first thing on Tuesday a.m. to beat the forecasted snow.  It was Christmas, and I have spent VERY LITTLE TIME preparing my heart for it.  I have barely opened any Christmas cards, sent none, bought two gifts online, and spent it alone with the dogs eating a grilled roast beef and cheese sandwich for dinner!  That part was fine, but once again I find my life out of balance, with my effort going into worldly tasks at the expense of my spirit and the glory of God.  Oh how disgusted I am to be back at this spot yet again. 

I am motivated to try and better organize my truck so that I am not reinventing the wheel each trip and wasting so much time and trashing our house as I leave home and return home from mushing.  I woke up at 2:30 am this morning and started writing down thoughts about packing the sled and truck (tips I picked up from Don and Margaret this weekend), and then started researching hydration (and good trail snacks).  I typically water my team before a run with baited water measuring maybe 2 cups, but have learned they need 4-5 cups offered to them instead!  Their pee ran clear today for perhaps the first time ever.  I need to continue learning about health and diet as I continue on in this sport, but PRIMARILY, I need to and want to make sure my PRIORITY is to worship and honor and learn of the Lord through His Word and Prayer.  Oh Jesus, I want to be more like You… Holy Spirit, please change my wicked, worldly heart into one that is moldable and soft and sensitive and kind and loving… so that I reflect Your glory to those in my life.  Forgive me I pray, because of the Perfect Price You paid for my sins, and grow me up to be the woman You have in mind for me to become.  Chip away the stone that is unnecessary as you sculpt me according to Your desire and plan.  Please use me, Lord, for Your Glory… Amen.

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