Monday December 17

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Crazy! can you find the sled? !

We woke up on the Monday the 17thto find about 16” of snow had fallen… and it wasn’t long before Tim showed up with the trusty tractor to plow and pull Larry’s trailer out. 

Smiling Larry : )

By the time we had finished shoveling and helping with that, we were all pretty wet (I had foolishly left on my parka which now weighed about 15#) and the big wet snow hadn’t let up at all.  We decided that even if we could get onto the trails today it would not be much fun for mushers or dogs, so we decided to hold tight and wait for the State Parks to fully plow the lot.  We figured they’d be coming in the afternoon to do that, since they had come early in the morning and did a quick drive through with the plow and saw us all there.  We discussed the fact that they had probably gone to plow Fish Lake first, and since they saw all four rigs (there were some sno machiners stuck also), surely they’d be back to make sure we could get out.  We were wrong.  I don’t know what prevented them from coming back, but we saw no one and the snow continued to fall…

By early afternoon it was obvious that if we didn’t get out soon, we were going to be stuck another night, which is just what happened.  I was wet, I was cold, and I was NOT having fun.  I thought about leaving Mike and Andrew and Bligh back home so I could come and pack on some miles and here I was stuck in a parking lot.  Part of what I was hoping to accomplish this week (in addition to testing my team on some longer runs) was to toughen myself up for winter camping conditions.  It had become painfully obvious that I had a LOT to learn!  I was wearing the wrong clothes and was trying to make due out of my small rig that had very little precious dry spots to set anything down.  My gloves were staying dry about 30 min and I was quickly going through all the ones I brought.  I had hoped they would dry, but of course it was too wet for that.  I whined to Pam, I whined to Larry, and was feeling frustrated and stressed at yet another day that had gone by without getting the miles I needed in the short time left before the race.  Larry walked out to the highway to find the snow plows had left a deep berm in front of the access road to the Sno Park and even if Tim was able to make it with the tractor, there was no way he could get through all that snow.  He tried to flag down one of the big snow plows by waving his arms as they drove close, and watched as they slowed down, and then sped up again and simply drove away.  We couldn’t believe it.  They didn’t know if someone was hurt or needed help, and refused to even stop to talk to him.  Our frustration was growing by the hour, but it was out of our control.

I thanked the Lord for the heat and hospitality that awaited inside the Flying Furs trailer.  In fact, we were later treated to a wonderful meal followed by a great movie, but I was so exhausted by this point that I couldn’t hold my eyes open to finish it.  I felt miserable and couldn’t warm up even with several layers on.  Larry kindly let me sleep on one of the bunks and I was asleep instantly.  It was supposed to stop snowing that night but it was still coming down when I fell asleep.

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