8.4 Miles Wednesday 11-21-12

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( 6.4 MPH avg)  2:10 moving time; 3 hours total time; 40 degrees with no rain  : ) 

Kids did really well tonight, and I don’t think I sounded like a crazy lady a single time!  Just writing the entry from yesterday helped teach me so much.  I’m looking forward to learning more and more through this blog.  The dogs were actually not ready to stop, but I was pretty wiped out from being up until after 4am after last night’s run.  They seem to be grasping the concept that I’m not helping them up the hills, but their speed is definitely slower than it could be.  They turn on the afterburners when they catch a scent and literally storm right up our biggest hills, but it’s not consistent.  I think I just need to continue to be patient and little by little they’ll pull harder and longer and faster, at least that’s my prayer.  Both Galena and Tana listened better tonight (they started to get distracted several times but I was able to bring them back pretty easily) and only completely wandered off the trail once when I was stopped to care for Tkope’s pad.  

He burned through two more booties tonight and I think we lost a total of 3 (having found a 4th one that had been lost!).  When we stop, he lays down consistently, and I think he sneaks a nibble on the velcro because it seems like they fall off soon after we start running again.  I need to make him some more that are “road worthy”, and hope to get them sewn tomorrow.  I need some bright fabric to be able to locate them if he does “throw a shoe”.  The black ones are pretty much invisible on the ground at night!  Had an almost encounter with a big, loud, barking dog tonight who evidently lives around there.  I sure hope that’s not a common occurrence.  Thankfully a neighbor asked me if I was missing a dog and told me about him (I had been hearing him bark) so I boxed everyone after snacking them just to be safe.  The very best things in this world are flawed!  Even running on a beautiful island in the middle of the night doesn’t do away with dangers from loose dogs, bad drivers, or suicidal raccoons.  This is NOT paradise, even on the most beautiful snow covered, sun shining day on the trails with my team.  (I can only imagine how great mushing will be in heaven!  I imagine there will be no need for ganglines or training!)  Remembering that as amazing as this time on the trail is, this is not my home and this should never be my greatest joy, helps to keep my heart towards Christ.  Lord, help me always remember to seek heavenly things more than earthly, especially when things don’t go “perfectly”.  I know when I do that, my frustration level decreases dramatically.  This is not my home and I am not the king.  I have a better home in eternity, and know the King has everything under His control, giving me the greatest peace imaginable.  Thank You for helping control my attitudes and voice and actions tonight, and for causing Team Wulik to work so well!  Thank You for teaching Tkope how to rest every time we stop on the trail!

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