15.4 Miles Sunday 11-25-12

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5.4 MPH avg 2:51 moving time, 4:54 total time
As I am anticipating running later tonight, I am realizing that I’m approaching time on the trail with much more of a view to the Almighty than I ever had in the past. I’m somewhat more aware of how much I need Him to keep us safe and to lead and guide and control my heart, mind, words and actions to work together for the best for my dogs. I also am wondering what He will teach me about Himself tonight, about His Son and His Holy Spirit and the ability that ONLY comes from Him. I wonder what He will teach me about myself tonight, about my sin and hopelessness without Him but my forgiveness and sanctification with Him. I wonder what He will teach me about each one of my dogs and where they are in their training and in their relationship with me. I wonder…I am tempted to worry, but instead I look to Him and wonder…

Psalm 25:15 My eyes are always on the Lord!
“The Lord directs us to look to Him for all that we need–and look away from all that we fear and all that troubles us. Looking to man dishonors the Lord–and ends in disappointment. Looking to ourselves fills us with gloom, sadness, doubts, and fears. It was wise, therefore, of the Psalmist to keep his eyes fixed steadily and habitually on the Lord… Whenever Satan tempts you, or guilty fears torment you–turn your eyes to Calvary and see Jesus, your Savior–suffering, bleeding, and dying for you–and so you will enjoy peace. Lord, help me to look to You for all my direction in life, so that I might not be led astray by my deceitful heart. Let me praise You and bring glory to Your Name every moment of my life!” (James Smith, “Comfort for Christians!”)

So it’s now 2:30am and I’ve been home long enough to unload and snack the dogs, take off my soaking wet pants and socks and boots and sit down at the computer. Tonight was fun but sure seemed long! It’s funny how some nights seem longer than others. The first part seemed to zoom by, except for trying to get past that stupid horse again, which felt like about 30 minutes! I had Tozi and Galena up front, having given Tozi a break from wheel (Tozi was shaking off a lot tonight and when I rubbed his back he really seemed to lean into my hand, so I was a bit concerned that maybe he was a little sore), and unfortunately he was more distractible than usual in lead…and I only have one working brake, which made tonight even more “interesting”. (They listened much better tonight and only took off without me a couple times, one when they decided to light the afterburners going up the big hill and I almost couldn’t catch up to them!). I ended up trying to “shoo” the horse away from the fence by waving my arms over my head and pushed against his neck and he’d just come right back to the fence. He wanted to meet the dogs, but I was not a fan of that plan. It didn’t seem to matter what I thought, because most everyone met him anyway! Tozi started getting pretty wound up (I did not let him get close) and I couldn’t get him to listen well enough to walk away and get back on the ATV, so I ended up just turning the team around. We did go back by a little later but thankfully he had moved.
A short while later I stopped them at the truck and unhooked tugs and relaxed a bit (maybe 20 minutes) and then they started “hearing things” in the woods and started moving around and making noise, so I put them back on the line and we took off again….at a snail’s pace! Galena and Tana were sniffing everything, Tozi and Tkope were peeing on everything, and I was being as upbeat and positive as a kindergarten teacher, all to no avail. So, I promoted Tkope and Cicely to lead, put Tana in swing and Galena in wheel next to Tozi (who had been returned to that position some time after the visit with the horse. The two green leaders were ridonculous for the first 10 minutes, and you would have thought neither of them had ever heard “Gee” or “Haw” before! Tkope was quite insistent that we go Haw after I called Gee, so that took 5 minutes or more to get him straightened out. They finally got their act together and actually did quite well. I was giving them some practice following commands and called Haw, and unfortunately they listened because we wound up in the wettest spot in the wetlands, and everyone got tangled and I had to get off the ATV and water came in my boots (did I mention it was rather chilly water?!)…it was crazy deep! We finally got back on “dry land” (nothing is dry on the island in November!) and Tkope started running around and shaking off and play bowing and making snow angels without the snow… he was so funny! And yes, we got in another tangle while he was weaving the tug lines! We finally got back on the trail and Tkope and Cicely led us back to the truck and our run was complete. It’s definitely time for bed… I’m thankful we’re all getting stronger and I can’t wait to see how we do next weekend on two long back-to-back runs with a little camp out in between. I still don’t really feel like I know my team well at all, especially what they’re really capable of. Time will tell!

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