Thurs 1-31-13 To the Quest

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Got a late start leaving home because I’m finding I’m not quite recovered from last weekend and needed to sleep in a bit.  I don’t know how mushers do back to back race weekends!  They have FAR more energy than me!  I had planned to get to the race site early enough to do a short run, but it was a bit late and took a while to get parked (I always seem to have to move three times to get just the “right” spot to park, which is actually kind of a joke among mushers… it’s a very important strategy to park in a “good spot”!) so I decided to let that run go.  After talking to Laura last week and hearing how her pre-race runs almost always go poorly, and after my last example of that theory (being drug on my side down the icy road and smashing my GPS the day before Eagle Cap), I was actually disappointed to not run because I wanted to prove to myself I didn’t have to be afraid of “disasters”!  I decided to start packing my sled instead, and was so pleased with the result that I took a picture the next day when it was completely packed!  I even had a waterproof little “seat” for Cicely, because I was pretty sure I’d be carrying her for a good part of the race.  I really wanted my whole team to get to Trinity, so was certainly willing to carry her.  As I said when I adopted her, “if she didn’t make it as a sled dog, at least she wouldn’t take up much room in the bag!”  I unpacked my Wiggy’s bag and slept in my front seat quite comfortably…especially because it was not cold, which was a concern to us all.

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