Sun 1-27-13 Leaving Joseph

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Sunday morning we all packed up and got ready to leave Joseph, but had a few minutes to spend with each other at the cabins.  We took a group picture (including Bet!) and made plans for coming back next year, with a possible brunch on Sunday morning before leaving.  I really hated to leave!  My stress was all gone and NOW I was ready to visit with everyone!  LOL!  As we drove through town with the sled on top of the truck, other drivers waved goodbye to us and we felt the community’s support right up until we drove out of their wonderful little town.  It is DEFINITELY a race to at least visit, even if you’re not a racer!  Just expertly put on with tremendous support from all the officials and volunteers, none of which are even mushers! 

As I drove away I realized I was feeling a little bit let down that we had “only” run 62 miles, so I decided to do a little test.  I started the trip odometer and counted up to 60 miles….. that was when I realized how FAR my kids had run!!!!!!!!!  Amazing!  I’m sure they were all sleeping good, and certainly had earned a nice rest!

Our next step will be Cascade Quest, a 3 day, 75 mile race including an overnight stay at Trinity, perhaps my favorite place in the state.  But for now, I’m going to relax and appreciate what we’ve just accomplished, take a few days to spend with my wonderful husband and catch up on some responsibilities.  Then we’ll put it in “Race Mode” again!

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