9.8 Miles Saturday 11-10-12

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Saturday 11-10-12-  9.8 Miles (6.5 MPH avg)

“…our comfort and joy arise from our being simple in heart, firmly relying upon our Saviour’s declaration, living upon His Word, looking to Him, and expecting, without the least doubt, we shall most certainly be ‘kept by the power of God                                     through faith unto salvation.’ 1 Pet 1:5   ”  William Mason

As I’m thinking about tonight’s run and wondering what it will hold, 

I’m aware there are many roadblocks we will face as a team this season, all the reasons why I shouldn’t consider doing this race, all the things that can go wrong, and I am still thankful because right now I feel no fear and am not anxious about any of it.  Thank You, Lord, for filling me with Your “comfort and joy” as I approach this goal with simplicity of heart and firm reliance on You.  I KNOW we will most certainly be kept by Your power, and even if we don’t make it to the end, ALL will happen exactly the way You have predetermined, and we will be able to rejoice in Your Sovereignty and Love and Omnipotence.  Dreaming Big and Daring to Fail, at the beginning and all the way through, as our Lord leads!

Matthew 6:34 So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow…

Nice run with Shelby tonight.  Headed towards White Point Rd, we ran into a group of people walking with headlamps (they were involved in the sailboat race) and they were shocked to see us, not just because one doesn’t expect to come upon two teams of sled dogs on an island, but because they had just been talking about the Iditarod!  Ahhh…the Sovereignty of God makes me smile  : )

Galena is still in huntress mode, but she did better tonight.  The team seemed a little tired to me, or perhaps it was just me yawning repeatedly that made me think they must be tired too.  When we stopped for a little rest after Shelby left us, both Tkope and Cicely laid down.  It’s good that they know how to rest while on the line when they get the chance.  When I asked if they were ready to go, they both jumped right up, so that was great!  Watching Tkope run fast is a bit puzzling… he sort of throws his back leg out to the side like he’s trying to slow himself down or something?  I’m trying to slow the team down when I see that happening because I don’t want to push him beyond what he’s comfortable with.  Checked a few feet after the run…they seem to be more comfortable with me messing with their feet already.  Consistency is key ; )

I sure don’t like running on the weekends though… there were so many cars and people out… we didn’t get close to the hotel/restaurant to avoid the party we could hear going on.  It’s worth losing sleep to run late enough to be alone… We’ll test that theory on Monday night!

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