Sat 1-26-13 Awards Banquet- In The Money!

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I was much more relaxed to be in the room with all these amazing mushers tonight, knowing that we had completed our goal and had finished the race.  I understood a bit more about the drive that their dogs have by seeing it lacking in my own.  I also understood better how I still have a LOT to be proud of with my team, knowing how HARD we’ve worked to get to this point.  I didn’t feel as out of place as before the race, knowing that we proved something of our toughness by simply finishing, and I was happy to congratulate the other mushers on their accomplishments too.  When it was time to go collect my certificate, I stepped to the microphone and nervously said how happy I was that there were only three entrants in my class because I won money!  How cool was that?!?!  I’ve got that check for $21 on my refrigerator right now, not yet ready to give it up!  I heard myself saying I’d be back next year and toying with the idea of running the 100 miler!  (I knew then I must be crazy!)  It was great to wrap up this experience with such amazing people all around.  I timed my need to drop dogs poorly, and the banquet went longer than anticipated, so I had to leave for what was to be a fast 10 minutes to let the dogs down to go potty at the truck, but when I got outside my truck was iced over.  I couldn’t even get my key into the lock and the snaps were freezing and re-freezing as fast as I warmed them up with my breath or my fingers.  I got some help from Bill D and when the festivities were over we all made it back to the cabin.  I was, in a word, satisfied, and in another word, proud of my team.  We had hoped for a 100 mile race but will certainly be happy with a 62 miler, for now anyway!

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