Monday 1-21-13 On the Road to Somewhere

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Left the island this morning for Eagle Cap Extreme!  Woo Hoo!  I wish I felt relief, knowing that this is the pay off for all the training we’ve been doing this season, but instead I just feel hesitant.  It’s all an unknown, especially the part about whether my team is ready for a 62 mile race.  It will be our longest, and even though I felt prepared at the end of December, after January’s failed attempts at training (due to getting sick, too much snow and then hurting my back), I’m feeling very unsure of where my team stands right now, with both their physical and mental preparedness.  I want to approach it without fear, and yet I feel like I’m wading into water too deep for me, and am wondering if we’ll sink or swim!

Pam has graciously agreed to handle for me at the race, and will be driving her team there for some fun runs because she doesn’t have enough dogs to enter this year.  We left her house on time Tuesday morning, prepared for a 5-6 hour drive, thanks to MapQuest’s “prediction”.  Yep…took us more like 8 hours counting our stops for gas, food and dog drops.  It was dark when we pulled in to Joseph and I wondered what the surrounding landscape (especially the mountains) would look like in the morning.

We found our way to the Wallowa Lake Resort where we were staying in a cabin with Laura and her family, and got settled in.  I was happy to hear them say Karen Ramstead was in the cabin next to ours, because I wanted to have a few minutes with her and Tana, since they hadn’t seen each other since she sold her to me several years ago.  The resort owners said to not worry about dogs making noise because everyone in the resort was either running or working the race.  I began to relax a bit… This WAS going to be FUN!

Laura got in next after having an “interesting” run.  She always has the best stories from the trail!  Her parents got in later in the night, and I was so thankful to have this group of people to stay with.  The Lord works through them every time I’m around them, and I am always inspired by their faith, strength and love. 

 As Laura started getting her supplies together, I felt my nerves stirring again.  This was a serious race with some serious racers, and even though I wasn’t in their class (I was running the 62 mile “Pot Race”), I was feeling quite out of place.  I hoped I had a team that was prepared to “run with the big dogs”!


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