Friday December 21- Lost Lake Fun

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Friday the 21st, we packed up again and headed to Crystal Springs.  We were going to camp Friday night and if all went well, maybe Saturday night too.  I felt like I had learned so much from my failed attempts to stay warm and dry earlier in the week and was anxious to try it again and hopefully “get it right next time”!  We met up with Don and Margaret in the afternoon, and all ran together up towards Lost Lake, for 14 milesMy dogs were obviously so happy to not be pulling what must have felt like a 200# sled up the hill and they effortlessly trotted up and up and up.  I couldn’t believe it when we got to the turn around spot… I thought for sure it must be farther.  I remembered the run from a couple years ago and it seemed much steeper and harder then!  Maybe we could still get ready for the race after all?  I felt encouraged like I hadn’t for some time about the possibility.  We shared a wonderful meal and conversation inside Don’s new camper and made plans for tomorrow’s run.

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