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Team Wulik

Meet Team Wulik!

Mushing On By Grace!

A Special Year, and a Very Special Team

The Lord has greatly blessed me and my 6 dog team of mostly rescued Siberians, and I am very excited to be taking on a challenge like we’ve never had before- running in a 100 Mile Race!  This race is the Lost Prairie Purebred Race in Marion, MT in mid January 2013.  I have been very encouraged by some of my wisest musher friends to sign up, but I know the reality is that we can only accomplish this by the Grace of God.  I have started this little journal/blog frankly because I feel led to write about this experience.  I don’t know why, or if anyone will be interested to read any of it, but I KNOW I have already learned a lot in the process.

Regarding this race, my goals are different than just wanting to win or run fast.  Instead, I hope to be vitally helpful in rescuing dogs who need love, care and to belong to a stable pack.  I want others to not short-change a dog team because they’re “only rescues”, and hope to learn just what’s possible with a group of dogs with very big hearts.  I want to build a pack (a team) that is well-balanced, polite and respectful and who enjoy being and working together.  I want them to trust each other, but especially trust me to keep them safe and provide for them (as I hope to trust the Lord more and more in these things).  I want a well-trained team (oh, how MUCH I have to learn both in my understanding and in my living out of it!)  I want them to be above all, JOYFUL!  Caring for this team is truly a mission and a privilege for me and I pray that I can learn to bring out the very best in each of them.  I want their lives to be fulfilled by being a part of this sport and this team.  I want it to be obvious to others who meet us that my dogs are loved with a very special love.  I hope that they can get a glimpse of the type of love that Christ has for His people when they see me interact and care for my dogs.  I want others to know what’s possible by Him, and that training and hard work and human effort are never enough!

Proverbs 16:9 A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.

I realize these goals are lofty ones, and I do know the ONLY way any of them can be met is with the help of my Lord.  My selfishness, impatience and laziness make me serve myself, but not others.  I have a naturally critical spirit that is harsh and unforgiving.  I expect too much too soon from my dogs and expect too little of myself.  I am often afraid of what could happen, and  am tempted to worry.  I am controlled too much by my feelings and too little by truly wanting what’s best for another being (the definition of LOVE). In other words, I am not a natural born musher!  I am only able to run dogs at all because He has gifted me with the health and strength required, as He has each one of my dogs, even though several of them had such unhealthy starts in their lives. He created and rescued them for this…to run, and to run with me!  I am better able to run dogs because of some very special mentors that I have been blessed to learn from.  He has used each of them to teach me different aspects of this sport and to encourage me so much (Thank You To Each One Of You!).  I am only able to train this season because He has blessed me with job flexibility as well as provisions to buy dog food and gas (etc, etc).   He enables my team and me to get down the trails with Joy and Peace, although far from consistently at this point!  He is our Team Sponsor, Physician, Trail Boss, Mentor and Guide.  This would quite simply be impossible without Him!

Wulik Siberians invites you to come along with us this season and see just what IS Possbile!

Luke 18:27 But He said, What is impossible with men IS possible with God.