16.0 Miles Friday 11-16-12

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( 5.9 MPH avg)  2:43 moving time; 4 hours total time; 49 degrees at end, but nice wind blew throughout our run

Tonight was a “Teamwork” kind of a night!  Everyone performed beautifully, and they even pulled me up the big hill out of Roche Harbor!  I am finding that stopping them when they start going too slow is working better than just keeping them going, even if it’s only at 1 MPH.  I was shocked at how fast they ran up the majority of it!  I think they caught a whiff of something, and for that, I was thankful! 

We stopped a lot to make sure everyone was cool enough and drank several times.  I’m sure the temp slowed us down, but they did a great job tonight!  Very nice command following by my two leaders (except when Tana picked up a rib bone and really wanted to finish it!), especially the first half.  Everyone needed a few more breaks and encouragement to pull up the hills or when the grass was longer towards the end.  Tkope repeatedly flopped down as soon as we stopped, several times laying on his side, but as soon as I asked if they were ready he jumped right up, and sometimes did so when I was walking back to the ATV. He was really getting into the groove tonight and I noticed him ambling for the first time.  It was cool to see them all working together so well, with 4/6 ambling together at one point.  The only problem with Tkope tonight (aside from not wanting to on-by a deer) was that he abraded his R front foot in the same place as the L.  I had the L bootied, and when I checked it he had worn a big ole hole in it, so I turned it around and added one for his R foot.  I’ll be reinforcing a few pair for him to wear.  I’m not sure why he’s wearing the front part of his big pad… he doesn’t seem to be running that hard when we’re on the road, but I did look down at one point tonight and we were clipping along at 14 MPH on the gravel road.  He is still a puppy, after all, and may just have softer feet.  He is not crazy about having them messed with, but does allow the booties quite nicely and I haven’t seen him even look like he was going to chew on them.  He’s such a good boy!  Cicely did really well tonight too… I took off everyone’s necklines in the field on the way back to the truck, and she wandered around and straggled behind Lance quite a bit.  She crawled under the truck after removing her harness and took a little nap.  They really look great at this point, and I think everyone is still have a lot of fun.  My lower back was quite painful tonight, so I need to take care of that with an ice pack and some Aleve….and a nice glass of wine!  I definitely would like some no-bake cookies for my trail snack, and will be making some tomorrow!  I felt like my team could have rested a little while and gotten back out on the trail, but with Tkope’s pads, I decided to come on home.  My truck tried to run farther too…. We could NOT get the key to turn in the ignition in order to turn it off.  I had to wake Mike up and he used the pliers to turn the thing!  Yikes!  I guess I’ll be traveling with those! We ended right at midnight, and the GPS read 16.0 miles…. I can’t believe how many times I have run ___.0 miles, no matter what route I take.  Little things like that make me smile, because they show me once again that the Lord is Sovereign and in control of even a crazy night run with a crazy musher.  Thank You, Father, for ALWAYS being with me, even when we’re trudging through 2+ feet of stanky water and slimy, sucking mud!  May You continue to lead and protect us each step of the way, all to Your glory!  Amen!

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