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Got to sleep around 2 am this morning and woke up after 9 with soreness pretty much everywhere!  My hands are even swollen, for some unknown reason.  I think it was wise to cut it short last night.  I’m learning how much to push through, and how much to respect, and with it so early in our training, I’m trying not to overdo it too much both with the team and with my own old bones!  As I said, “I AM the weakest link” (I still hear that woman’s voice from that old TV show when I write/read this!).  I will say that the dogs look exceptionally tired this morning too.  Tozi and Galena didn’t even get up when I let everyone out for breakfast, although they changed their minds pretty quickly and joined the pack to eat.  I do believe we’ll be taking tonight off.

It’s Thanksgiving today, and I am so very thankful for my dear husband who not only supports me in this crazy sport, especially this year with all the additional time away from him for training, but also silently prepared our Turkey this morning while I slept, which is now cooking in the oven!  The dogs were also very helpful, which I am also thankful for, especially Tkope who helped “clean” the turkey skin while he was dutifully supervising it (alone) in the kitchen.  Years ago we had Oso, our first Northern Breed dog, and she did much more than just counter surf and lick the skin!  I’m really wanting to eat this bird and not crazy about sharing too much of it right now!  I must admit to getting a “20 pounder” to have plenty to share with the dogs, but preferably after we at least cook the thing!     HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  May we all not just consider what blessings we have, but may we Thank the Giver of all Good Things!

Psalm 104:28 When You give it to them, they gather it up; You open Your hand, and they are filled with good things.

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